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Reader Supports Council’s Vote on Grand Ave.

The City Council voted Wednesday, March 20, to remove the pylons and bike lane markers from Grand Avenue.
They did it because it was a bad idea. It was a solution to a problem that did not exist.
The project was pushed by the Mobility and Transportation Infrastructure Commission (transportation commission) and by paid consultants to produce safe streets for cars, bikes, walkers, runners and automobiles. The consultants wanted to spend grant money, not make safer streets. It did not do this. In fact it increased the danger to the street users.
It was strongly opposed by the residents of Grand.
This result, much like the ending of the 710 freeway and tunnel, represents the active participation of city residents and a well-considered decision by the City Council.
We the citizens of South Pasadena can still determine our own fate.

Dr. Bill Sherman
South Pasadena

First published in the April 11 print issue of the South Pasadena Review.

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