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South Pasadena Unified School District Solar Installation Delayed

The South Pasadena Unified School District solar project panel installation at South Pasadena High School and Monterey Hills Elementary School, scheduled to begin at the end of March, has been delayed, the district announced in a press release on Wednesday. The installation start date is undetermined at this time.
The solar panel contractor, PacWest, notified district officials last week about an issue with the roof mounting brackets for the solar panels on the respective school roofs. PacWest and the roofing contractor must resolve the issues in order to preserve the current roof warranties on the buildings.
“We are eagerly anticipating the start of the solar installation projects, but it is more important to thoughtfully and carefully resolve the roofing issues prior to the project kickoff to protect the district’s liability for the roof,” said Superintendent Geoff Yantz in the press release.
“PacWest is in the process of reengineering the bracket design in order to meet the warranty requirements.”
Additional information about SPUSD’s solar panels project will be shared as plans progress.

First published in the April 4 print issue of the South Pasadena Review.

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