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Students’ CAASPP Scores Reveal Gains

The California Department of Education recently released the 2022-23 California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress, or CAASPP, results for students in third through eighth grades and grade 11.
Since the year the state began CAASPP testing in 2014-15, the South Pasadena Unified School District has experienced a 5% gain in the number of students meeting and exceeding English Language Arts standards — a 82% total — and a 3% gain in the number of students meeting and exceeding math standards — a 78% total.
These percentages are nearly equal to the levels of SPUSD student results before the COVID-19 pandemic in 2018-19 and well above the California averages.
“SPUSD is a top unified school district in California,” said Christiane Gervais, SPUSD associate superintendent of instructional services. “Our students continue to excel academically, and the test results are a direct reflection of the dedication and effort put forth by our students, teachers, and staff as well as the commitment of our parents to continuous learning.”
Because CAASPP tests are given statewide, they provide an opportunity to measure the skills of all students against the same academic standards in the same way, and the results provide information schools can use to improve teaching and learning. Administered online, the tests are computer-adaptive, allowing more precise measurement of individual skills.
“The CAASPP test results show that SPUSD is the most diverse unified school district of California’s highest-performing districts,” said SPUSD Superintendent Geoff Yantz. “We are moving our students forward academically according to the state standards. State test scores are only one measure of how much our students are learning, and we are committed to helping them reach their full potential in all areas.”
This fall, parents and guardians received individual student score reports through the Aeries Parent Portal. The reports detail an overall score for each subject and information for how each child performed in different skill areas associated with English language arts/literacy and mathematics. The score report presents two years of data when it is available, which allows parents and guardians to view a child’s progress over time. For more information on CAASPP testing, including videos and guides to understanding the score reports and assessments, visit

First published in the October 27 print issue of the South Pasadena Review.

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