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South Pasadena Police Department Crime Report

Police are seeking more information related to two men suspected of a “bank jugging” theft that occurred at about 1:25 p.m. on April 3.
A man left a Chase Bank in the 1300 block of Fair Oaks Avenue with a bag of cash before entering his vehicle and driving to a restaurant nearby. Two suspects, who were waiting outside of the bank in separate vehicles, followed the man, who parked and exited his vehicle at the restaurant. The suspects then parked adjacent to his vehicle, smashed his car window and stole the cash. Security footage captured the men, who fled in separate vehicles.

An assault was reported at a Rite Aid in the 900 block of Fair Oaks Avenue following a shoplifting confrontation. The male suspect entered the store and tried to leave without paying for a pack of beer. He was stopped by an employee who attempted to recover the product. The man allegedly hit the employee and exited the store.

Police responded to a robbery in the 2000 block of Meridian Avenue at about 9 p.m. on April 1. The responding officer observed a man who matched the description of the robbery suspect. The man spotted the officer, and immediately ran from police. Police later learned that the man was not the robbery suspect.

These alleged crimes and incidents were reported to the South Pasadena Police Department between Tuesday, April 2, and Monday, April 8. Information was gathered from a weekly crime summary published by SPPD’s Crime Prevention Unit.

First published in the April 11 print issue of the South Pasadena Review.

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