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The Dog of Your Dreams Awaits at Pasadena Humane

Pasadena Humane has a promotion going that could be whimsically rhymed as: 

Spring has sprung 

Fall has fell 

Adopt an adult dog 

And all will be well. 

Adult dogs are featured in a spring adoption program where people can pay $25 to adopt a dog older than six months through Sunday, April 14.

“A lot of people come in looking for a puppy, and it is rare for one to be at the shelter over a week,” said Kevin McManus, communications manager for the Pasadena Humane. 

“But adult dogs can often be with us several weeks, or even months.”

There were about 70 adult dogs available for adoption as of the first part of this week, McManus said, and 85% of them were bigger dogs. 

Many of these dogs are also eligible for a 10-day “trial adoption period,” which allows a family to see if the dog is the right fit for their home.

“People who go for bigger dogs usually are more experienced owners and know what they are getting into in terms of exercising and training a dog,” McManus said.

Another plus, McManus said, is that many of the dogs in the shelter have already lived with a family.

“Adult dogs are usually through the hair-pulling stages of puppydom. Most of the dogs have some basic obedience, and there is no teething and usually no chewing on inappropriate stuff. Some of the hard work is often done for you when you adopt,” he said.

“And, an adult dog’s personality is already starting to show. Puppies can be cute, but you often don’t know their personalities,” McManus added.

The adult dogs in the shelter have also benefited from having more time to interact with Pasadena Humane workers.

“The volunteers who work with us often have indicators of how a dog is going to behave, and we can provide background information on a dog. Many of the dogs in the shelter have been walked on a regular basis, and the volunteers often work on basic training skills,” McManus said.

Pasadena Humane offers a variety of training programs, which are listed on the organization’s website.

“Our team can answer questions and respond to concerns that a family or person might have during the trial period,” McManus said.

All dog adoptions include spay or neutering, a microchip, license fees and age-appropriate vaccines. The regular screening process applies to this promotion. New adoption appointments are available from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. while walk-in adoptions are available from 2 p.m. – 5 p.m. 

The Pasadena Humane adoption promotion continues through this weekend. To view adoptable dogs, visit 

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