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Rain Impacts City Projects

Recent rains caused some “significant” delays on street improvement projects along Monterey Road in South Pasadena, according to deputy city manager Domenica Megerdichian, who added that work is now complete.
“Because the rain events were so close together, it was difficult to schedule enough time to complete items like striping/marking earlier in the year,” she said.
There were also some rain delays in completing electrical work in the Arroyo Park area to prepare the fields for spring youth sports activities, the deputy city manager said.
“We try not to bring heavy vehicles onto the fields after a rainstorm until the fields have dried out, so we don’t damage the turf and again, because of the frequent storms, it is taking time for the fields to try out. As a result, some of that work is still underway,” Megerdichian said.
There is more vegetation growth this year than in past drought years so the city will have increased landscaping and brush clearance projects.
“The beautiful consequence of rainwater is a greener community with lusher grass, flowers and such to be enjoyed by all,” she said.
Officials in the public works department reminded residents that watering during periods of rain and 48 hours after is prohibited, and that conservation efforts are being promoted.
The Metropolitan Water District also offers rebates for rain barrels for rainwater capture.
The city also operates a sandbag filing station during heavy rains. Information on that program can be found on the city website.
Megerdichian concluded that the city had handled its share of rain this season.
“An older city with older infrastructure, we sometimes find our pipelines and sewers more strained to keep the water moving,” she said.
“We are a small, but mighty team, so weather impacts also translate to shifting or rescheduling and prioritizing so we can preserve, protect and respond swiftly to community and facility needs.”

First published in the April 4 print issue of the South Pasadena Review.

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