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Chris Erskine: Baseball and Other Summer Treasures

Random thoughts on a summer day in Los Angeles, with brats on the grill and the Beach Boys on the hi-fi:

• What’s better than baseball? More baseball.

• FYI, I wear mustard the way Cary Grant wore suits.

• Serious question: Could the Guardian Angels beat the Anaheim Angels?

• True story: Descanso Gardens was once considered a site for Disneyland.

• Can you imagine?

• Wait till you see the model train railways coming to Descanso in July.

“If he could cook, I’d marry him,” said Manager Leo Durocher on the late Willie Mays.

• You know, sometimes life is just one damn thing after another.

• And overnight success usually takes about 30 years.

• Honestly, Trader Joe’s is the only market where I don’t feel ripped off.

• I wish Ricola made tea.

• I wish Bruno Mars made more music.

• I wish Sinatra could do one more encore.

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life,” Pablo Picasso once said.

• Trivia time: What is the most-recorded song in history?

• When I return a shopping cart, I flip it over and dump it in the middle of the parking lot.

• Is that wrong? Because sometimes I feel unsafe.

• Things I miss: comedy albums.

• And irreverence. 

“Anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.” (Nelson Mandela or Carrie Fisher, no one really knows which)

• Can’t wait till they mic-up the players in the Little League World Series.

• I say bring back the Guardian Angels. 

• Because this abandoned shopping cart stuff is really getting out of hand.

• Nothing like a good Greek gyro. Any tips?

• June birthdays: Lionel Messi, 37; Blake Shelton, 48; Heidi Klum, 51; Elon Musk, 53; Meryl Streep, 75.

• Trivia answer: According to Guinness, “Summertime,” by George Gershwin, is the most-recorded song of all time.

• Runners-up: “Amazing Grace” and “Yesterday.”

• Best restaurant name in town? 

“Burger She Wrote,” serving up first-rate smash burgers at two spots, on Beverly and Hollywood Boulevard.

• Burgers are my love language.

• Baseball is my dopamine.

• So are books.

• Maybe readers should purchase Vroman’s Bookstore, the way Green Bay fans own the Packers?

“The earth is mostly just a boneyard. But pretty in the sunlight,” Larry McMurtry said.

• At my age, a half marathon is a full marathon.

• That Kansas City kicker is about as smart as a bowl of soup. But he’s entitled to his views, which are not hateful, just musty.

“Speak your mind, even if your voice shakes,” said Maggie Smith.

• Smiling is contagious. 

• So is not smiling.

• So is sitting home doing nothin’.

• How about a Happy Hour Hike?

• And don’t forget those free Thursday morning rehearsals at Hollywood Bowl. To confirm, call (323) 850-2000, ext. 2, then ext. 6. 

• A nice lap around Lake Hollywood is refreshing too. And free.

• Yep, Hollywood has a lake.

• Of course, it’s a fake lake. 

• FYI, seven different channels/platforms will now carry NFL games.

• Oddly, TV was better with four channels, all free.

• Sadly, greed is contagious too.

“It was thanks to [Hitchcock] that I understood that murder scenes should be shot like love scenes and love scenes like murder scenes,” Grace Kelly said.

• She also was pretty in the sunlight.

• But not free.

• Prediction: Oregon wins the Big Ten in its first year, doing the PAC-12 proud.

• But this whole thing still makes me hurt.

• OK, can you blame Dan Hurley for bagging on the Lakers? Who could afford L.A. on $12 mil a year?

• But, honestly, he’s kind of a coward.

• Don’t forget, you can bring your own food into Dodger Stadium.

“The best moments in reading are when you come across something — a thought, a feeling, a way of looking at things — which you had thought special and particular to you. And now, here it is, set down by someone else….” Alan Bennett said.

• Another Hollywood Bowl tip: Park at Hollywood United Methodist Church (northwest corner of Highland and Franklin). No stacking, and all proceeds go to the church.

• Weather update: MacArthur Park is still melting in the dark.

• Just think, all that sweet green icing … flowing down. 

• And it’s free!

<br><em>A burger medium rare is my love language<em>

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First published June 27-29 in Outlook Newspapers.

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